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Sunday 19 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Rowley and team doing good job

THE EDITOR: I am totally ashamed of, and disappointed in, two of our prominent citizens in the persons of Ralph Maraj and Israel Khan. Their rantings have completely distorted to the public, the contents of the recent email announcement. Their bias and dishonesty have come to the fore in this emailgate issue. They have sought to ignore a salient point in the report and use irrelevancy to launch an attack on the Prime Minister. That salient point is that there is uncertainty concerning the facts, and that there isn't enough evidence to permit charges of wrong doing on any side.

One expects a more sincere attempt at analysis and inference from two citizens of their standing, but their agenda couldn't allow that kind of uprightness in the politics of our country. I expected two persons of their calibre to be more straightforward and honest with the public. Instead, they were not even polite enough to disguise their prejudice and perhaps, ill will, towards the PM. They acted as frightened animals waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting prey, going so far as snarling for his resignation. What a tragedy!

It's a pity that Dr Rowley, a man whose team is doing such a good a job in saving TT is the one whom they choose to upbraid, unfairly. But that behaviour is consistent with the scriptures. There, they killed Christ and saved Barabbas.


Diamond Vale

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