Minshall mas returns to Carnival in 2020

Peter Minshall
Peter Minshall

Carnival 2020 is being said to see the return of mas legend Peter Minshall to Carnival’s stage.

Peter Samuel, the many times King of Carnival, posted on his Facebook page on Saturday that Etienne and Friends Brass Mas Masqueraders now had something to do on Carnival Tuesday. He followed this by saying “Mas Pieta...Minshall 2020...stay tuned.”

Although Newsday attempted to reach out to Minshall and Peter Samuel for clarification as to whether or not Minshall would be bringing a band come Carnival 2020, there was no confirmation nor denial.

Minshall won his last Carnival title in 2006 with The Sacred Heart in the medium band category. His last large band title was with Tapestry in 1997.

Minshall has also won numerous awards for his work including Chaconia Silver Medal and the Trinity Cross (now replaced by The Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago).

He has helped design the opening ceremonies of the 1987 Pan American Games, the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, the 1994 Football World Cup and the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.


"Minshall mas returns to Carnival in 2020"

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