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Monday 27 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

A serial killer’s profile

THE EDITOR: Poor Gary Griffith. As if his platter (a plate is too small) is not full enough it is alleged a serial killer or killers are out there. Firstly, this has nothing to do with eating cornflakes. There are four types. Power and control, visionary, mission and hedonistic.

Ninety per cent of serial killers are male. I still believe an ex(female) is one. They have a high IQ. They do poorly at school and cannot hold down a job. That sure clears it up. They come from unstable families. They are abandoned by their fathers. That is 50 per cent of TT. Their mother is dominant. Their families have psychiatric histories. They hate both parents. They were abused as children. They are interested in porn. That sure narrows it down considerably.

They wet their beds till about 13 years. They are fascinated by starting a fire. They enjoy tormenting small animals. We copy everything from the US, this is another. Serial killers are sons and husbands.

They are everywhere. There will be more dead tomorrow.


Princes Town

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Letters to the Editor

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