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Monday 9 December 2019
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Curvy Girl Crochet


NIKITA Williams is providing beautiful crochet creations to the people of TT.

Williams is the founder of Curvy Girl Crotchet, an online-based store that sells original crocheted clothing. The name was suggested by her sister, who runs two businesses – Curvy Girl Apparel in Fyzabad, and makeup services under the name Curvy Girl Glam. She would regularly spend hours making several pieces of clothing that would just be “hanging around at home” but eventually, her family persuaded her to begin selling some of her creations, which led her to launch the business in 2016.

She told Newsday, “At first I felt like, if I made this why should I give it away to someone else after all the hard work?” But eventually, she began posting pictures of her work to Instagram and developed a following, and people began making requests.

She specialises in swimsuits, crop tops, and dresses. She also occasionally makes belts, skirts, baby shoes and scarves. Though based in Palo Seco, she delivers throughout TT, mainly at malls and plazas. Free deliveries can be made to Gulf City Mall, Grand Bazaar, and Trincity Mall.

A top made by Nikita Williams, founder of Curvy Girl Crochet.

Her interest in crocheting began when she was a child, observing a close family friend, Reba Marrast, who would regularly create things while she observed. But it wasn’t until 2015, after completing CSEC examinations at the Fyzabad Anglican Secondary School that she decided to try it herself.

“After CXC, I wasn’t really doing anything and I just searched it up on the internet. I went on Pinterest, YouTube, and I ended up looking at a video and learned from there. After I picked up how to do basic stuff, I went to Reba and she showed me more intricate stitches and so on.”

She recalled her first two creations being a small scarf and a blouse, adding that if she were to look back at them now she would feel a bit embarrassed.

She said Marrast is very proud of her, especially since she was unable to continue crocheting because of her age, and still gives her regular tips on how to improve her work. She even gave her a book of different crochet patterns to try.

Apart from crocheting, she is an on-the-job trainee at the Salazar Trace Primary School in Point Fortin, and is a second year student at the University of the Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in education. She admitted that at times, it is a challenge to balance her time but she always manages to get things done. She says her most busy days occur around the July-August vacation.

"It can be very hectic. I have to make free time. Every time my friends call me and say 'What you doing?' I'm like 'crocheting.'"

Although she does not wish to pursue fashion as a full-time career, she says she will continue to do it as both a hobby and a side job.

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