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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

The newhot spots

THE EDITOR: The opposition UNC’s plan for doing away with rampant crime and criminality, should the party come into office in 2020, differs not one iota with what is presently in motion. It is a pointless waste of space to repeat what is being done by the Commissioner of Police and his troops.

The only thing not mentioned by both the Opposition Leader and the CoP is the fact that we have a new brand/type/grade of commercial hot spots. These new places deal, unashamedly, with the exploitation of unemployed vulnerable women.

Found in mainly central and south Trinidad, they are the bars/casinos/restaurants that appear to form a preferred mode of adult entertainment. The waitresses/hostesses are allegedly at-risk women from Venezuela and a few other territories.

Can it be said that the only gainful avenue of employment for beautiful, unqualified women is working in brothels? If brothels are illegal in TT, what is an alternative form of employment?

Illegal or not, TT has always had a few thriving brothels. Now with the over-abundance of not necessarily trafficked women, waitress work and hostessing have gone viral.

How do we keep these women off the streets but not working in brothels? How many police raids will be done, week in week out, on how many establishments?


Diego Martin

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