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Wednesday 16 October 2019
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K2K welcomes you to The Greatest Show

From K2K Alliance and Partners' 2020 presentation called The Greatest Show. This is from the section titled Ring of Fire.
From K2K Alliance and Partners' 2020 presentation called The Greatest Show. This is from the section titled Ring of Fire.

To some it's Carnival, to others it's life, but whatever you consider to be the greatest show on earth, K2K Alliance and Partners' is going to put its own stamp on what that means.

Its 2020 Carnival presentation, called The Greatest Show, will be launched on August 30 at Queen's Hall, St Ann's.

The 2019 Overall Band of the Year winner, in a release sent to Newsday, said life, “with its myriad of experiences is the greatest show.”

K2K’s 2020 costumes are inspired by circus elements and onlookers can expect to see many of the rides found at an amusement park as well as traditional circus characters and acts, the release said. For example, one of its sections is called Ring of Fire.

This section called The Merry Go Round draws its inspiration from the traditional amusement park ride.

“By nature, tigers are intrinsically known to fear fire. However, in this act, the tiger is coaxed and trained to jump through that burning ring. Similarly, individuals learn to face their fears, walking through rings of fire throughout life’s journey. The ring-of-fire can be compared to a sort of rites of passage, with many individuals becoming scorched by life’s flame,” the release said.

K2K, whose art always has a message, said, “However, the real power behind the messaging is that regardless of the degree of the burn, the individual proves that time and time again, that he/she is resilient.”

This is also from the section called the Rings of Fire from K2K Alliance and Partners' 2020 presentation The Greatest Show.

The traditional amusement ride the merry-go-round has also become a costumed part of its 2020 band. To K2K, the merry-go-round "represents life with all its continuous complexities; life is cyclical, with events sometimes coming back full circle.”

Not only are the traditional elements of a circus or an amusement park included, but the Disney movie Dumbo (recently remade), also inspired a section of the 2020 band. Called The Power of Believing, it “talks to defying the odds and having enough faith in oneself” to believe that anything can be overcome.

This section from K2K Alliance and Partners' The Greatest Show is titled The Power of Believing and draws its inspiration from the Walt Disney movie, Dumbo.

K2K said on August 30, people can expect to see “costuming with a rainbow of colours.

“Although the circus is positioned as a world of imagination for kids, the show takes on a more mature perspective. The Greatest Show addresses current issues and provides a more introspective viewpoint about this circus called life,” the release said.

The show starts at 8.30 pm and guests are asked to be elegantly dressed. It is also rated “M” for mature audiences.

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