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Monday 9 December 2019
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Letters to the Editor

We need more Colleen Holders

THE EDITOR: Daily we read of murders, drive-by shootings, robberies and rapes. But are these reports informing the citizenry or “bigging up” the perpetrators of these crimes?

There are also the crime experts who hide behind their guard dogs and guns in their gated communities who show off their academic skills by stating “I prepared a paper on crime.” How is that helping? This to me it is meaningless.

Those so-called drive-by shootings on the public roads should not be taking place. These are the same roads the police and other protective agencies ought to be patrolling, thereby preventing such criminal acts.

There is now a call by the Commissioner of Police for officers on vacation to report for duty. Will they be put to proper use, carrying out surveillance of gangs, collecting intelligence and arresting the 50 shooters/killers? Or will they simply patrol the streets aimlessly.

What is needed is for citizens in their communities to come off the fence and stop the marches for peace for political mileage and simply be a Colleen Holder. I hail her for her courage and unselfishness. I salute her and hope her actions grow from strength to strength.



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