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Monday 27 January 2020
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Prestige Holdings chairman saddened by KFC worker’s death

Christian Mouttet
Christian Mouttet

Christian Moutett, chairman of Prestige Holdings Ltd, the local owner of the KFC franchise, has condemned the killing of a KFC worker and the wounding of another in John John, Laventille, earlier this morning.

Dawn Grant of Morvant died after being shot in the head when gunmen opened fire on the car dropping her and other staff home. ANother passenger was also shot in the head and is being treated at the Port of Spain General Hospital.

Speaking with Newsday, Mouttet said he was in England and was not aware of the incident, but any loss of life was saddening.

He said while transport was arranged for workers to ensure their protection, the company now faces added challenges in protecting its staff.

"Any loss of life is a huge tragedy and I certainly offer my most sincere condolences to the families.

"I know we have arranged transport for our employees, I don't know the details of this one but it's probably the late-night transport.

"The key point in arranging transport is because we are concerned for the security of our staff, so we attempt to provide transport for them to get them home safely. So this really is a tragedy."

Newsday also spoke to Prestige Holdings CEO Simon Hardy, who said he was not clear on all the details, but the incident was a tragic one.

He said the company would issue a statement later today.

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