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Monday 9 December 2019
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Delaford returns to Heritage

16-year absence broken

AFTER an absence of some 16 years, the village of Delaford has returned to the Tobago Heritage Festival.

The village, situated along the Windward Road, on the island's east coast, hosts its Yabba Festival on July 31 at King's Bay.

Vice-president of the Delaford Eco-Tourism Association, Corey Roberts, said this year the organisation took a firm decision to re-enter the festival.

Roberts said the members presented several ideas to executive chairman of the Tobago Festivals Commission George Leacock before they eventually settled on the Yabba Festival.

He said there will be a competitive element to the event, which takes the form of a cook-out from 4pm to 6pm.

It involves five non-governmental organisations from within the village and three others from outside of the community. These include the Delaford Village Council; Delaford Eco-Tourism Association; Delaford All-Fours Association and Louis Dor Rising Stars.

Roberts said participants will be judged in several categories, including best beef, saltfish, pigtail and fish.

"Competitors will be allowed to prepare any version of the yabba they desire, from its most basic form to yabba, including a wide variety of meats and sea food."

Roberts, who is also interim president of the village council, said the competition will be followed by a trophy and hamper distribution ceremony.

He said while the chefs are busy preparing their dishes for the competition at King's Bay, patrons will also get the opportunity to browse through the farmers' market to purchase produce, enjoy boat tours and learn about the history of Delaford and particular sites in the village.

Roberts said Delaford boasts of having a fort and one of the few remaining cocoa houses in Tobago. The area is also home to the King's Bay Estate House.

"The estate house was a plantation house and it still has a lot of old furniture and records there."

Roberts said after the presentation, a cultural show, featuring several of Tobago's leading artistes and groups, is scheduled to begin at 7pm.

"There will be a bonfire on the beach with a stage and we have invited different cultural organisations to perform."

Among the groups expected to perform are the Signal Hill Alumni Choir, Speyside High School Steel Orchestra and the Roxborough and Pembroke Folk Dancers.

Roberts said the association is excited about its upcoming presentation.

"Delaford has been away for too long until the eco-tourism association took it up on ourselves to get back into the festival."

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