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Sunday 19 January 2020
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Choo Kong’s funeral next Wednesday

Raymond Choo Kong.
Raymond Choo Kong.

The funeral for Raymond Choo Kong, 69, will be held next Wednesday at the Santa Rosa RC Church, Arima, at 10 am.

The veteran local actor, director and producer was stabbed to death in his home at Green Street, Arima, on Monday. His body was found around midday by relatives who alerted the police who were stationed directly across from his house.

The theatre icon had been ailing for some time and had been having problems with his knees. He had been using a cane to get around. Choo Kong was supposed to teach a class the day he was murdered. He was also a mentor in the Mentoring with the Masters programme.

The autopsy report showed that Choo Kong had tried to defend himself and fought for his life.

Since his death Choo Kong's friends and colleagues of the theatre fraternity have been holding events in celebration of his life.

Last night they held a concert titled Every Loves Raymond at Queen's Hall in St Ann's.
His brother Gerald and sister Marilyn were supposed to have arrived from Canada for the funeral.

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