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Sunday 19 January 2020
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UNC: PM must resign over E-mailgate

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

THE UNC on Wednesday said Dr Keith Rowley must resign as Prime Minister and PNM leader for allegedly piloting the E-mailgate affair as a naked power grab.

Welcoming the police statement that individuals named in the affair will face no charges, a UNC statement said the affair was a hoax perpetrated by Rowley and the PNM for which he must now account.

The UNC said inquiries by the Integrity Commission, Google, FBI, the police and independent ICT experts had showed the deception of the country and its MPs.

It accused Rowley of using the cloak of the Parliament "towards the direct purpose of creating a sense of panic and distrust to a sitting Government.”

The UNC said the then PNM deputy leader Orville London said E-mailgate was a game-decider that would leave only one man or one woman standing.

Saying Rowley's action was "the cornerstone of his election campaign in 2015,” it recalled that last Sunday he said TT’s future lies with honesty within public office and public officers. Rowley himself had not met these standards, it said.

"This is why he has no achievements in four years and will be remembered as an absolute incompetent and head of the worst government in our history.

“Today, by his own words, Dr Rowley must resign as both the political leader of the PNM and as Prime Minister. Rowley lacks the competence, compassion, intelligence and character to lead TT.”

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