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Monday 9 December 2019
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CoP: Don’t pay to get gun licence approved

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith  PHOTO SUREASH CHOLAI
Police Commissioner Gary Griffith PHOTO SUREASH CHOLAI

COMMISSIONER of Police Gary Griffith has told people not to pay to have their gun licence application approved.

He was responding to calls by St Augustine MP Prakash Ramadhar for the system of providing gun licences for law-abiding citizens to be made more efficient after two incidents in which civilians shot reported criminals.

Griffith, in a message to Newsday, described the call from Ramadhar as "old news and request."

"Already being done," he said. "In the last year, the number of persons receiving firearm approvals is eight times more than what was experienced prior to August 2018. However there are over 15,000 applicants who have applied over the last 15 years, most never receiving even a response. So I am adhering to my obligation by doing what is required but in similar manner, we must carefully scrutinise every applicant prior to approval."

He also cautioned against paying to try and speed up the process.

"We are moving as quickly as possible. And I urge all not to be influenced by anyone to pay to get your application approved. We would review every application."

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