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Monday 27 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Thanks for making road safe

THE EDITOR: My gratitude goes out to a councillor with the San Juan Laventille Regional Corporation for a project that was long overdue.

I attended a large funeral recently at the Boundary Road Muslim Cemetery. The burial spot was close to the roadway therefore there was expected to be an overspill of people onto the road.

However, when I arrived I found, to my surprise, pavements had been constructed on either side of the roadway, making it fairly safe for mourners and pedestrians.

Over the years there have been numerous incidents with people, including students, being struck by vehicles (with at least one fatality) in this area as there is a “blind corner.”

It should be noted that there are three schools within the vicinity of Boundary Road, with many students walking to and from school.

So Councillor Ali of San Juan East, thank you very much for making Boundary Road safe for pedestrians – and others.


San Juan

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