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Monday 27 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Still awaiting the results of medical tests

THE EDITOR: Copy of letter sent to the management of the Acropolis Medical Centre.

I recently had a sudden onset of violent dizzy spells. Acropolis was recommended to me by your head nurse while I was at SuperPharm trying to self-diagnose.

On her recommendation, I decided to go with the stunning package which was $600. This package was also advertised on your website and on Facebook. The package included: a consultation, urinalysis, complete blood count, lipid profile, and fasting blood glucose.

I visited your establishment on May 29. I took the usual blood and other samples necessary for the package. I was seen by a doctor and during the consultation I had another medical episode, which was acknowledged by the doctor. I discussed the urgency of the information coming from my tests, paid my $600 and left.

To date I have not had any feedback from your organisation. I have called on numerous occasions and was told the doctor will get back to me. Considering that my medical condition was urgent, I am appalled at the level of service meted out to me. Yes, it has seemed like punishment since I still do not know what was wrong with me and I am yet to receive feedback on my blood count etc.

I would like to get a refund in order to have my tests done elsewhere. I have decided to copy this e-mail to consumer affairs and the media houses. I find that I get better service when this approach is taken.

I am sorry it has come to this, but I cannot sit by and wait for information when my life may depend on it.


via e-mail

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