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Sunday 19 January 2020
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Record-breaking Burke wins nine in nine

ASATT Natl Age short course champs

KERYN Burke of Atlantis Aquatics Swim Club took home a maximum nine gold medals in the girls’ 9-10 division, including two in record time, as she finished with the best individual score at the National Age Group Short Course Championship, which concluded at the National Aquatic Centre, Couva, on Sunday night.

With double points being awarded for breaking a record in the final, Burke sealed 18 points each after dominating the 100-metre freestyle and 50m butterfly finals (the latter record she also broke in the preliminary race).

She clocked one minute, 02.32 seconds in the 100m freestyle final, erasing Jahmia Harley’s 2013 record of 1:04.70 (when) before breaking the 50m butterfly record on consecutive nights. She swam the faster time- 31.37 seconds-in Saturday’s final. The night before,

Burke swam 31.61 seconds, another six-year-old record (31.82 seconds) set by Harley.

Burke also won gold medals in her remaining events: the girls 9-10 50m and 200m freestyle, 50m and 100m backstroke, 50m and 100m breaststroke, and the 100m butterfly, which earned her nine points for each win for a total of 99 points. .

Siena Jagdeo (Barracudas) and Kayla Gouveia (Sea Hawks) finished joint-second in the 9-10 division with 51 points.

Barracudas’ Caitlyn Look Fong was the next most dominant swimmer in her respective finals, winning seven gold- girls’ 13-14 1500m freestyle, 200m breaststroke, 50m, 100m and 200m butterfly, and 200m and 400m IM-and two silver medals-100m and 200m backstroke-to amass 77 points.

However, Blue Dolphin’s Kiara Goodridge, competing in mostly different events to Look Fong, was also in strong contention to win the girls’ 13-14 division, sealing six gold medals-100m, 200m and 400m freestyle, and the 50m, 100m and backstroke.

Malik Nelson of Atlantis Aquatics finished with 70 points and top of the boys 15-17 division, after winning the 50m, 100m and 400m freestyle, and the 100m and 200m butterfly finals.

Requelio Joseph, representing Atlantis Aquatics, was the second best overall performer in his division among the boys, winning four gold medals (100m backstroke and the 50m, 100m and 200m backstroke) and three silver in the 13-14 division to end with 69 points. Joseph’s team-mate Marquise Nelson beat him for gold in the 200m IM final, and also won the 400m freestyle and the 200m backstroke finals, but finished runner-up in the division with 65 points.

Individual standings

Girls 8 & Under

1st-Asia-Marie Pouchet (Blue Dolphin), 50 points

2nd-Harmoni Nelson (Tidal Wave), 45 points

3rd-Katlyn Richards (Atlantis), 37 points


1st-Keryn Burke (Atlantis), 99 points

2nd-Siena Jagdeo (Barracudas), 51 points

2nd-Khayla Gouveia (Sea Hawks), 51 points


1st-Lyla Browne (Flying Fish), 59 points

2nd-Mya Wells (Sea Hawks), 52 points

3rd-Analee Toussaint (Aqua Darts), 47 points


1st-Caitlyn Look Fong (Barracudas), 77 points

2nd-Kiara Goodridge (Blue Dolphin), 73 points

3rd-Arielle Dickson (Flying Fish), 46 points


1st-Jahmia Harley (Tidal Wave), 70 points

2nd-Deshor Edwards (Atlantis), 54 points

3rd-Sabrina David (Tidal Wave), 51 points

3rd-Terri Yates (Blue Dolphin), 51 points


1st-Ileana Bocage (Flying Fish), 63 points

2nd-Shanntol Ince (Sea Hawks), 32 points

Boys 8 & Under

1st-Kyle Leera (Tidal Wave), 54 points

2nd-Deron Blackman (Flying Fish), 39 points

3rd-Qadir Lewis (Flying Fish), 29 points


1st-Liam Carrington (Barracudas), 67 points

2nd-Anpherne Bernard (Tidal Wave), 65 points

3rd-Darren Belfon (Aqua Darts), 60 points


1st-Khadeem Brathwaite (Marlins), 66 points

2nd-Shaelen Reece (Tidal Wave), 59 points

3rd-Andre Sandy (Aqua Darts), 58 points


1st-Riquelio Joseph (Atlantis), 69 points

2nd-Marquise Nelson (Atlantis), 65 points

3rd-Kadon Williams (Point Fortin), 59 points


1st-Malik Nelson (Atlantis), 70 points

2nd-Jordon McMillan (Blue Dolphin), 51.5 points

3rd-Brandon Coombs (Marlins), 47 points


1st-Josiah Parag (Blue Dolphin), 56 points

2nd-Geston Pascall (Aqua Darts), 39 points

3rd-David McLeod (Atlantis), 28 points

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