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Sunday 19 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Looking for 40 good people

THE EDITOR: The population is fed up with paying more than five times the cost for government projects simply to funnel public funds into the hands of unscrupulous people. The Point Fortin Highway, for example, was scheduled to cost $7.5 billion and be completed by the end of 2015. That highway is now estimated to cost around $10 billion and there is no indication of its completion date.

The Sea Lots walkover, estimated to cost $10 million, is another example as its real cost could well be around $13 million.

Almost every government project involves payment to individuals who demand large sums of money for doing nothing.

Recently I had the experience of a damaged water main in St James. The water flowing at a rate of about 100 gallons per minute flowed for four days and was only repaired a day after I posted the flowing water on Facebook.

WASA and the Minister of Public Utilities are appealing to citizens to save water while they allowed about 76,000 gallons to flow into the drains of St James. That was just one leak.

At School Street in Carenage the pumping station has a number of visible leaks that have been wasting water daily for the last year.

While the present and last government embarked on a number of wasteful projects, the police service remained underfinanced and understaffed, our hospitals struggled for equipment and supplies and many of our schools remained in a state of disrepair.

If one were to list the numerous areas of government incompetence, this letter would be many pages long. From a challenged judiciary to poor infrastructure, many are claiming that TT is a failed state.

In spite of the apparent failures the private sector and our citizens daily give of their best to offer us a quality of life that is still the envy of many in the developing world.

Almost every citizen of TT knows that if we stamp out corruption we will have more than adequate funds to buy beds for our hospitals, repair our infrastructure and embark on the appropriate projects necessary for economic growth.

We know that if we restructure government to allow communities greater autonomy in managing their affairs, the days of politicians imitating a monarch can be replaced with sincere people working in the interest of our citizens.

The solutions are not new or unique to TT. There are more than enough international best practices for us to benchmark our structure of management against.

What we require is not so much the political will to vote out the two major political parties. We seem to already have that. What is required are 40 good people to join with me in offering a viable alternative to those in office.

The technocrats are available, the managers are aplenty, the workers are ready and the public service employees are also ready to do their part in restructuring TT.

The politicians with integrity, the appropriate education level, the right amount of experience and a willingness to put country first are hard to find. The DPTT has offered to be the vehicle to lead us to a better tomorrow.

If one is called to serve the people of TT, that person will know deep inside that now is the time to act. Such a person will also know that unity is required to achieve that goal and the DPTT is willing to talk to everyone willing to rebuild our nation.

The one condition is that one must be prepared to put TT first. Are there 40 patriots out there?


political leader, DPTT

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