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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Dear Controller of Accounts…

THE EDITOR: I am a pensioner and I am writing on behalf of many other pensioners. Within the last few days, we have received a letter, asking us to submit a copy of our birth certificate and any other documents needed to verify our name on your files.

This, I recognise and appreciate, will improve your service to us pensioners, as once these documents are submitted, we will no longer have to submit our life certificate twice a year, which will be a welcome change for us,

For the last few years you have been very thoughtful in making the submission of our life certificates easier for the elderly, or for the people who may be kind enough to bring in the certificates for those who are no longer able to move about in comfort.

Your generosity in allocating staff from Port of Spain to collect forms on assigned days at the District Revenue offices in San Fernando, Sangre Grande, Couva, Tunapuna, Rio Clark, Siparia, Point Fortin and Chaguanas, was deeply appreciated by us all.

Pensioners are requested to submit the required documents to the Treasury Department by July 22nd. I would like to humbly ask if it is at all possible to extend the deadline and to allocate officers for one or two days to the District Revenue offices to collect the documents from the pensioners.

While we all realise that ultimately this new move is to eliminate the life certificate for our convenience, many pensioners are already quite concerned as to how they will be getting the documents to your office in Port of Spain. Thank you for your consideration.

Hilma Barnes

Via e-mail

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