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Sunday 19 January 2020
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BPTT Cassia Compression project on track

BPTT's Cassia jacker (Photo courtesy BPTT)
BPTT's Cassia jacker (Photo courtesy BPTT)

BPTT’s Cassia Compression project is on track, the company said in an update today.

This project will enable BPTT to access and produce low pressure gas reserves from currently-producing fields in the Greater Cassia Area, maximising recovery from these existing resources.

The project was sanctioned in 2018. It will involve the construction of a new platform, Cassia C, BPTT’s 16th offshore facility, located off the south-east coast of Trinidad. McDermott International is the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) provider for the project.

The topside and bridge are being fabricated in Altamira, Mexico and are 23 per cent complete. The jacket and bridge landing frame are being fabricated at TOFCO, Trinidad and Tobago and is 43 per cent complete.

The project is crucial to BPTT’s ability to meet its contractual arrangements over the long term, BPTT’s project manager Michael Daniel said. By keeping the project on track, the company can ensure it meets its commitments.

Gas production from the Greater Cassia Area will be routed to Cassia C for compression before being exported via the adjacent existing Cassia B platform. Cassia C will have a throughput capacity of 1.2 billion standard cubic feet of gas a day (bcfd). First gas from the facility is expected in third quarter of 2021.

The Cassia jacket is the latest of BPTT’s infrastructure to be built at TOFCO. Of the nine platforms that have been built at TOFCO, BPTT has accounted for six, including Cannonball in 2005, Juniper, Mango and Cashima.

“Local fabrication has been a key feature of BPTT’s major projects since the construction of Cannonball. We have invested in eight major projects since then, with five platforms, one topside and now a jacket being fabricated right here in La Brea. That demonstrates BPTT’s commitment to ensuring that its business operations support the development of local skills and capabilities.”

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