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Monday 9 December 2019
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‘Keep PNM out allyuh racial foolishness’

Rowley tells Warner

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley PHOTO BY VASHTI SINGH
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley PHOTO BY VASHTI SINGH

THE PRIME Minister has admonished former minister, former FIFA vice president and Sunshine newspaper owner Jack Warner to keep the People's National Movement out of "racial foolishness."

He was speaking on Sunday at the PNM Sports and Family Day at the La Horquetta Recreation Ground. He was referring to an article Warner wrote in the Sunshine, which Rowley termed a "rag," and told the attendees he had a message for Warner.

“Stay in the UNC or the ILP with allyuh racial foolishness. The PNM is a party for all, cutting across race, colour, creed or class, united to the common cause. That’s what we are and that is why we survive.

"So pulling out a handful of disgruntled PNM people by their race and trying to stir up racial hatred in this country, in this party, in this government, Jack Warner, you will fail again. That is for allyuh, not for the PNM. Because when all else fails, when all else fails, they resort to race.

“We will not participate in that. Our door is open and as you get opportunity it is for you to make the most of it, because the PNM is a party of opportunity for all. We represent the entire country, and our apology is to no one.”

Rowley, speaking on a newspaper editorial criticising the announced commission of enquiry into land acquisition in the Point Fortin Highway project, said the PNM is not on the defensive but on the attack against corruption. “And whether it’s the police service, the public service, the Parliament or the church, the PNM stands for morality in public affairs.”

He told the crowd they should refuse to accept a public officer could be charged for bribery, be on bail and still be running a public institution. “And if that is what they are offering you as your future, I ask you to reject it. The corrupt must not run this country. The thieves must not run this country.”

He said whether in the police service or Customs, the PNM is building a new society in which when a public officer is seen, there must be confidence the officer is acting in the highest standard of principle and integrity, and similarly when the public interacts with a police officer. "And when you send people in Parliament, they did not go to enrich themselves but are there to serve you."

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