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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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3canal on Choo Kong: What’s going on?

Raymond Choo Kong
Raymond Choo Kong

Raymond Choo Kong was supposed to have a surprise birthday party at the Black Box performing space on Murray Street, Woodbrook. Now his death is an unwelcome surprise for all those who planned to celebrate with him.

Newsday spoke to Roger Roberts, one third of rapso group 3canal and veteran actor, on the murder of the theatre icon, who revealed the plans for the party.

"The entire theatre community was supposed to come. But we are the surprised ones now.

"I can't even tell you his age. That's how long I knew him," he said.

Roberts was flabbergasted by the death of his friend, and described the murder as completely senseless. But he said Choo Kong had a fighting spirit.

"If it was a robbery, Raymond would not have let someone take advantage of him. That is the kind of person he was."

This morning police confirmed Choo Kong had been found stabbed to death on a couch in his Arima home. Police are still at the scene.

Roberts questioned what's going on in the country, and why there are so many unsolved murders.

"There is no sense of justice. What is going on? I cannot remember the last time a person was held for a murder. How do we begin to address these issues without fearing we could be victimised? I am feeling really confused and powerless."

He called on the leaders of the country to be aware and seriously sincere about the fact that the nation is being terrorised and people feel powerless.

Roberts said Choo Kong helped to make the theatre of TT into a well oiled and well produced enterprise.

Choo Kong was facilitating a Mentoring with the Masters workshop organised by the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts.

Roberts said he was also to have been involved in a production of Derek Walcott's Ti Jean and His Brothers and the producers were in the middle of the auditioning process. On July 26 he was also due to stage a special production of Diva Returns for Pride TT.

Keep posted to Newsday for more updates on this developing story.

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