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Monday 9 December 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Political parties the same

THE EDITOR: Do politicians really have the interests of the country at heart? Are politicians God-fearing people? Do politicians respect the intelligence of at least some of the electorate or do they just pander to their loyal followers? Do politicians want to leave a powerful legacy or are they simply interested in acquiring power and staying in power? Do politicians understand that they too are subject to death (mortality) and that death is the great equaliser despite all of their power, status, wealth (ill-gotten or otherwise)? These questions are pertinent in light of the latest cabinet approval of a commission of enquiry into land acquisition for the Solomon Hochoy Highway extension to Point Fortin.

When a political party is in opposition they denounce any action that would result in a waste of public funds (and it’s their right to so do). A commission of enquiry is a case in point. When a political party is in power the members of government do the very same as their opponents (the previous administration) with the opponents levelling the very same accusations. The pattern is the same for either of the political parties.

The politicians psyche is that a great percentage of the electorate did not go to school, or even if they went to school they were present only at ‘recess’.

My concern is when the commission of enquiry unearths all the facts as it relates to land acquisition for the Solomon Hochoy Highway Extension to Point Fortin, what will be the value of this information. If it is to be used simply as ammunition on the campaign trail, the question to be asked then is, can we afford this in our present economic state? Is this not profligacy? Neither of the dominant political parties is better than the other when it comes to profligate spending. Their obvious motive is to advance their self-aggrandisement.

What are the thoughts of COP and MSJ on this issue? Why are you deafeningly silent on this matter?


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