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Friday 13 December 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Gas pump math woes

THE EDITOR: Recently, I went to gas up my car as the low-gas indicator light was on for a few days (a bad habit of mine). That would mean my tank was almost empty, so I hurriedly stopped off at a service station in Diego Martin just before Starlite shopping plaza.

I put in $140 thinking it would have taken my needle to at least three-quarters, based on previous purchases around the city. However, to my surprise and dismay it only took it up to half. Now I'm no mathematician, but that would indicate to me that to full my tank would have taken $280.

That does not compute because my Nissan Almera's gas tank capacity is 41 litres (according to the manufacturer) and 41 litres by $5 a litre would cost $205, so half a tank should cost $102.50, instead of the $140 I put in.

It seems to me that that particular pump in that particular gas station is malfunctioning and I urge the owner/manager, to please look into it.

W. Dopson, Woodbrook

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