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Saturday 19 October 2019
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Support your children

Parents at Little Blossom pre-school graduation told:

Graduates sing a song
Graduates sing a song


LITTLE Blossom pre-school in Canaan hosted its graduation ceremony on July 6 at the Nazarene Church auditorium in Canaan. The feature speaker, Janice Walker, nutrition officer at the Division of Education, encouraged parents of the graduates to continue to groom and support their children as they go through different experiences in their lives. She reminded them that it is their responsibility to create the type of individuals they would like their little ones to become by using positive and constructive affirmations to them on a regular basis.

Joseph Jack recites a poem

“Since in most instances what we continually confess, we become. It is important that we say to our children exactly what we want to see them live out in their daily lives. Words such as: 'You are going to succeed,' 'You are a person of value,' among others. Just as the word 'blossom' suggests a special time of development or stage in the life of a tree or plant, so too your child will also blossom and flourish based on the type of nurturing that they receive from you, as they would go through the different stages or phases of their development,” said Walker.

“Let us continue to shower them with love and to encourage them. When we do this, we are sowing positive seeds into their lives which will help to build their self-confidence. This in turn will allow them to eventually grow into the type of individuals that they were created by God to be.”

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