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Sunday 21 July 2019
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Letters to the Editor

PNM, an IMPORTant govt

THE EDITOR: I read with interest the rigmarole tales that Minister Le Hunte is giving the nation about the disastrous water situation we are experiencing. Since 1956 to present, which includes 30 consecutive years of PNM rule, water distribution has always been insufficient.

Sooner or later the PNM would propose to import water. I say so because the PNM is an IMPORTant government. They shut down the railway to IMPORT buses.

They left cocoa and coffee to wane, so that they could IMPORT the same. They shut down our thriving sugar industry so that they can IMPORT sugar. They have no interest in rice farming so that they can IMPORT rice. Now they have closed the oil refinery so we can IMPORT gasoline to power our vehicles. What an IMPORTant government.

David JV Ragoonath via e-mail

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