Has viral video spoilt Mason's chances as PNM candidate for Techier/Guapo?

Point Fortin Mayor Abdon Mason
Point Fortin Mayor Abdon Mason

THERE is speculation that a viral Facebook video of two female relatives of Point Fortin mayor Abdon Mason squaring off in a verbal battle may have cost him his seat on the Point Fortin Borough Corporation.

The screening committee of the People’s National Movement (PNM) told the Point Fortin constituency to continue its search for a local government candidate for the district of Techier/Guapo, now held by the incumbent mayor, after he was screened.

In spite of the directive, Mason said yesterday he does not see this as a rejection of his candidacy, but rather as a delayed decision by the party.

“A decision has not yet been taken,” he said. “Others are being approached to come forward. I have offered myself and will continue to serve until they (PNM) retire me.”

Mason was among four potential candidates for thedistrict who faced the screening committee headed by PNM leader Dr Keith Rowley in San Fernando last Sunday.

The other three screened along with him were alderman Saleema Mc Cree-Thomas, the niece of former deputy mayor Brenda Mc Cree; Tamika Cuffy; and Dion Phillip. None was confirmed.

Mason said he was not given a reason for this conclusion.

There have been no changes in the line-up for the other districts, as the five incumbents – deputy mayor Kennedy Richards (Hollywood), Reynold Carrington (Newlands/Mahaica), Kwesi Thomas (Egypt Village), Leslie Pascall, (New Village), Bryana Fortune-John (Cap-de-Ville/Fanny Village) – have been given the nod to contest the elections, which are scheduled to take place between November and January.

Asked in an interview if the video may have had some bearing on the PNM’s decision to widen the search for candidates in his district, Mason said he would not even venture to guess.

While he is aware of the video, he said he was not in it and did not understand how it was pertinent to him.

“I don’t want to guess.

"I think at the appropriate time the officials of the party would put me to sit down and tell me what the situation is.

"Until such time I remain committed to the party. I will support the party continue to do the good job I have always been doing help this party to win every election it contests and rally around Dr Rowley in his quest to bring TT out of the difficult state it was in.”

Mason, who was among the youngest local government candidates to have contested and won a seat when he first entered the political arena, said the journey has not always been an easy one.

“But wherever I was placed in the wicket to bat, I scored the runs that were required, and I will continue to serve until they retiree me.”

He recalled the advice of former mayor and Minister of Labour Larry Achong which has become part of his mantra.

“Politics gives you three commands – come, stay and go. If the command is "Go,' then I will move on.”

Since the announcement last Sunday, Mason said constituents have been rallying around him, calling and praying with him and encouraging him to "hold on.”

He said at his office day on Thursday hundreds came to see him.

“So the love of the people is still there, the support of the people is there, and if it is to be it will be. His will shall be done,” he said.


"Has viral video spoilt Mason’s chances as PNM candidate for Techier/Guapo?"

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