Cops still probing 'hit' on Holder

Former journalist Colleen Holder
Former journalist Colleen Holder

Police are in the verification stages of an investigation into threats against former journalist Colleen Holder.

Sources confirmed a report had been made to the police and they are assessing its veracity. Police sources could not confirm whether they knew who made the threat.

In an earlier report, Holder, who works for the Parliament Department, said she was told she had been “greenlit” and told reporters she had been told there were orders to “shoot and burn.”

The threats came days after she began expressing displeasure about conditions in Oropune Gardens, Piarco, which has come under the spotlight after she complained of breaches in the building codes and the opening of illegal businesses in the community.

The threats also came a day after HDC officials tore down one of the businesses deemed illegal, a hardware store owned by Anthony “One Foot” Knights.

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith declined comment, as it was part of an ongoing investigation.


"Cops still probing ‘hit’ on Holder"

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