Charlieville teacher still missing after 10 months

Susan Maynard
Susan Maynard

MOTHER of four Clarissa Jones believes her missing daughter Susan Maynard is still alive and in TT.

Maynard, a Spanish teacher, has been missing for ten months.

She disappeared after leaving her Charlieville home on September 4, 2018 to buy a phonecard at a nearby parlour. She never returned home and has not been heard or seen from since. She did not have her cell phone on her.

“My daughter is alive and out there somewhere. I just know it, As a mother you just know. It is a mother’s instinct. I know she is right here in TT and I believe someone has her,” Jones told Newsday today.

She said for the last ten months she has not been able to sleep comfortably at nights.

“I have been trying my best to stay strong, but it is really hard knowing that your daughter is out there, but you don’t know where. But what I do know is that she is alive. I am not going to give up looking for her.

"Please, I am begging, if anyone sees her or knows where she is, please go to the police. It is really getting harder every day for me."

CCTV footage showed Maynard did not arrive at the parlour, but was seen walking near her home. According to reports, Maynard left home about 1 pm that day, wearing a long black skirt and dark sleeveless top.

She is a Spanish teacher at the Upper Level Educational Institute in Chaguanas and was expected to return to classes within the next few weeks.

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"Charlieville teacher still missing after 10 months"

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