Witchcraft questions for police polygraph tests?

WHAT does one’s sexuality or witchcraft have to do with crime-busting?

This is one of the burning questions by police in light of a recent Whatsapp message that has been circulating, supposedly relating to the polygraph testing scheduled to begin next week.

The message, titled Questions for seniors re polygraph test, has only six questions. The first question is: Are you gay? It is followed by: Are you into necromancy?

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith, in a recent media release, said the polygraph testing of regular and Special Reserve officers starts next week and forms part of transformational policing for greater accountability in the service.

It is to be done across all divisions and is not limited to officers assigned to stations in the southwestern peninsula. Griffith said most officers assigned to the South Western Division have been doing their jobs commendably.

In the message, the third question is: As a senior police officer have you engaged in any sexual activity in lieu of favours, kickbacks or promotions?

The other questions are: Are you a member of any gang, be it Rasta City, Muslims or LGBTQ?; Have you ever received remuneration from operators of casinos, quarrying, firearms licences, liquor licences, dismissal of cases, fete promoters? ; and: Are you profiting in any way either directly or indirectly from the current post that you are holding in the police service?

Newly elected president of the Police Social Welfare Association (PSWA) acting Insp Gideon Dickson dismissed the message as a hoax, although he was unaware of it.

"I am not aware of that at all and I cannot validate that information. That makes no real sense. I do not think anyone knows what the questions would be," Dickson said.

The association is not against polygraph testing.

Dickson added: "My position remains the same – anything that the law caters for is what we subscribe to as an association, because we are upholders of the law. Policies do not supersede the law."


"Witchcraft questions for police polygraph tests?"

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