Old Oropune wine in new bottles

THE EDITOR: Identifying my previous place of work is not my thing but at times you need come out of the box. I have spent 35 years in the TT Police Service and worked in areas where I had first hand knowledge of the good and bad happenings in our country.

I am speaking directly of all the complaints coming out of the HDC's Oropune Gardens housing development, more so the rental of apartments.

At my disposal, during my time in the service, was evidence that some tenants at Oropune Gardens were involved in illegal activities in communities where they were born and grew up. Some were actually chased out of their former places of comfort, family members were killed, some threatened with death and actually had their homes burnt down.

They came mostly from the Port of Spain areas. Some are from the Rasta and Muslims gangs who were placed in their new Oropune nesting place by the HDC, persuaded by politicians. Now the chickens have come home to roost and we are hearing a big cry by law-abiding residents over murders and general lawlessness. The bombs falling now were expected a long time ago. It is simply a case of old wine in new bottles.

Athelston Clinton, Arima


"Old Oropune wine in new bottles"

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