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Sunday 21 July 2019
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Letters to the Editor

TT on a slippery slope

THE EDITOR: It is not just about the guns and extreme violence that has taken over the country, but also the uncivilised mentality, the uneducated sense of entitlement and a loss of personal responsibility. This behaviour is encouraged by past and present governments and their officials who have failed to set a proper example.

The nation has lost its way and the leadership is as fradulent, divisive and so focused on its own personal agenda that they have no sense of direction. We no longer have genuine leaders who know right from wrong, good from bad or set an example for future leaders to follow.

It is a cancer that has entrenched in the belly of our society, hence placing the country into a state of disgrace. We have multiplied our material possessions but reduced our human values.

We have sunk to depths so low, many now think that ignorance is intelligence and evil is good. Unfortunately some citizens' heads have been buried in the sand for such a long period, they have become immune to the evil deeds that plagues our country. If something is not done sooner rather than later, as the saying goes, "Crapaud go smoke plenty people pipe." I hope I am wrong.

Ernil Coker via e-mail

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