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Sunday 21 July 2019
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Letters to the Editor

TT not being served

THE EDITOR: The politicians here are not serving the citizens of this nation as they should, especially where the stemming of serious crimes and general lawlessness are concerned. They agreed and supported the appointment of a new commissioner of police with a promise that things, where serious crime is concerned here, would change.

However, so far nothing has really changed despite the introduction of the 'one shot, one kill' policy of the new commissioner. We are still faced with the daily random murders of innocent citizens and generally, the crime rate and lawlessness have increased. This is despite what the police reports may say.

It is about timethe politicians and the new commissoner of police get a grip on what is going on here with regards the aspects of serious crime and lawlessness. We really don't need any more of painting pretty pictures we need real action right now.

G.A Marques via email

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