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Sunday 21 July 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Politics’ own morality

THE EDITOR: Politics has a morality of its own. Years ago, these were the words of Mr Basdeo Panday, founder of the United National Congress. He never explained what he meant by this but I think I now understand.

Recently, Devant Maharaj, a spokesperson of the UNC, queried the existence of Trinidad and Tobago Television (TTT). As as I recall, Mr Maharaj was part of a UNC Government that turned TTT into CNMG. If a government-owned station was necessary then, why is it not necessary now?

Also, with the Venezuelan fiasco, I heard MP Ramona Ramdial say our borders are not protected. Ms Ramdial was part of a UNC Government which cancelled the OPVs which were to protect our borders. Those vessels were happily bought by the Brazilian Government to protect its borders.

What morality does politics have? Is is deceit or dishonesty? Do you throw out lies and hope ignorant people fall for them? With that type of politics, only God can help TT.

ME Rodriguez, Trincity

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