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Sunday 20 October 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Local Gov’t Reform Bill a good thing

THE EDITOR: It was heartening to listen to the Minister of Rural Development and Local Government as he piloted the Local Government Reform Bill in Parliament recently. That bill, Minister Hosein stated, is intended to promote local community sustainable development via the use of local small and medium-size contractors.

The various regional corporations are expected to ensure the use of such contractors in their issue of contracts. This, if followed and monitored by the authorities, will foster the "right" of the community to localised or grassroot content. The Procurement Act is intended to promote due local content. Indeed, that act has a definition of local content, simple enough for anyone to understand.

It is to be hoped that this reform bill will include monitoring, evaluation, reporting and accountability of each corporation. A ministry like Rural Development and Local Government must be seen as putting people first. The various non-governmental relevant organisations must become the watchdogs of the operations of these regional corporations.

In the pledge of accountability, as so often expressed, maybe we shall be invited to assess the localised content of each corporation. It will be a great demonstration of openness by these corporations.

Lennox Sirjuesingh via e-mail

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