Aunt shields nephew from hail of bullets

Using her body to shield her three-year-old nephew from a hail of bullets in a drive-by shooting on Saturday night at Fyzabad, Diana Jaikaran, 23, was shot six times – but managed to protect him.

A bullet grazed the boy's right hand and there were several bullet holes in the wooden house.

"Emergency Health Services came, cleaned it and put a plaster on his hand," said a relative who requested anonymity. "That night he was really frightened. He is traumatised. He did not want to leave his mother’s side. He was constantly was asking for lift-ups.

"He and his aunts are very close. When they started to shoot, Diana blocked him with her body,"

Up to today, doctors at the San Fernando General Hospital were treating Jaikaran and her sister, Melissa, 24, who was also injured.

A report said the driver of a black car slowed down at Archibald Street, in front of the family’s home, at about 9.15 pm on Saturday. Occupants opened fire at the sisters and nephew, who were standing nearby, before speeding off.

Relatives contacted Fyzabad police,who searched the area but they could not identify the car or shooters, as it was dark.

They took the injured sisters to the Siparia District Health Facility in a private car and staff later transferred them to the hospital.When ambulance personnel arrived, the sisters had already left.

Today the relative added: "God was with all of them. All of them could have died that night. Diana was shot six times and Melissa was shot four times.

"We do not know why people did this. We are very confused. It was a very scary experience. They are two innocent girls and their lives could have been taken away. They cannot be the target."

Initially, it was believed they had been shot 16 times.

Sgt Ramsaran is leading investigations.


"Aunt shields nephew from hail of bullets"

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