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Tuesday 22 October 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Fix Mucurapo Road traffic problem

THE EDITOR: The road fatality statistics certainly suggest that this country's drivers may be some of the worst in the world and the highways very dangerous places. I prefer to avoid highways when possible and choose to use roads like Mucurapo Road for my travels. My last journey convinced me that there is a desperate need for the authorities to do something about that road.

As many businesses, bars and restaurants have not provided sufficient parking for their customers and considering that we Trinidadians tend to take the "easy way" or the quickest route even when parking is provided, many bottlenecks are formed along Mucurapo Road. Cars can be seen parked on both sides of the road preventing the smooth flowing of traffic. This is especially problematic when buses and large trucks contribute to the problem by trying to pass through Mucurapo Road. Roadside food places are also contributing to this problem.

At the western extreme of Mucurapo Road there is a traffic light that permits those travelling west to join the highway in either direction. However, several persons heading west along the Audrey Jeffers Highway make use of the entrance to the fishing depot to cross the highway, interrupting the flow of traffic from Mucurapo Road to the highway. The effect is not slight because it seems that those drivers who use this route are the most aggressive and discourteous drivers on our roads, given that they force their way through those trying to join the highway. This needs to be prohibited. This might be resolved by removing the traffic light that faces the depot.

At the eastern extreme of Mucurapo Road there is a traffic light at the intersection with Taylor Street. I remember the days before this traffic light was there and I hereby challenge the "wisdom" that led it to be installed. It is my humble and perhaps erroneous opinion that it has done very little to relieve traffic. And I am of the uncharitable opinion that those who are unable to find the courage to cross that intersection without the aid of a traffic light ought to find another route.

Finally, Mucurapo Road is a danger for drivers given the potholes and the generally uneven surface. I personally have had several near accidents with persons who prefer to risk my life, their lives and that of their passengers by swerving into the lane of those proceeding in the opposite direction, rather than slowing down and taking the potholes with care. Who knew that time, shocks and suspensions are worth more than human life?


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Letters to the Editor