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Monday 27 January 2020
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Webster-Roy: PNM hands 'loving and stable'

Ayanna Webster-Roy
Ayanna Webster-Roy


Tobago East MP and Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister Ayanna Webster-Roy has implored Tobagonians to keep the island in the "loving and stable hands" of the PNM. She was speaking last Thursday at a PNM meeting in Roxborough.

She said, “I have worked for you and I have worked with you, and we can see the evidence throughout Roxborough and Tobago East...When we are judged, when the story of this time is being told it would declare Dr Keith Christopher Rowley as the best Prime Minister of this time and it would declare Ayanna Webster-Roy as one of the most effective parliamentary representatives of this time... I could say that without fear or favour.”

Training her guns on Roxborough/Delafard electoral representative Watson Duke, Webster-Roy declared: "All your representative does is toot his own horn, big himself up and mind his own business and his own pocket. At the end of the day, I have to be the voice of Roxborough, of Delaford, in Tobago and in Trinidad."

She went on: "With my quiet nature, I have been able to advocate on behalf of the people consistently, not only in the Parliament but also at the level of the Cabinet. What some people don’t recognise is that fact that although I am a junior minister that when it comes to the Gender of Child Affairs, and in some instances when it comes to matters that fall under Central Administrative Services Tobago, Ayanna has to sit in the Cabinet to defend her note and to defend her request for the people of TT, and I have done that consistently. And I have done that to the point where we are seeing the development happening throughout Tobago."

Webster-Roy said the PNM Government remained committed to working with Tobago.

“We would continue to ensure that Tobago walks side by side with Trinidad on this journey of development. So, when you come through Tobago East and you see the transformation that is going to take place in Charlotteville, once the THA restarts construction of the mall up there, you are going to know it was done PNM style under a PNM administration.

"And when you come closer down and you hit Roxborough and you embrace all the transformation taking place in this community, you will know that it was done PNM style under a PNM administration, and when you drive to Belle Garden and you look at that spanking new community centre, you could rest assured it was done PNM style under a PNM administration.

"When you drive to Hope and you look up on the hill, and you see the newly constructed Prime Minister’s residence, you are going to say yes, this was done PNM style under a PNM administration."

Webster-Roy told the PNM gathering to forget personalities and remember the balisier.

“Roxborough people, again I want to warn you, this isn’t about whether you like Ken, Chuck or you like Barbara; or you like boy, man or you like Ayanna, it is about ensuring that Tobago remains in the loving and stable hands of a PNM administration."

Reminding the audience about former president ANR Robinson's decision to choose the PNM's Patrick Manning to lead when the general election was tied 18-18 in 2001, Webster-Roy said the PNM still remains the best option for all.

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