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Tuesday 22 October 2019
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Letters to the Editor

The state of play in TT

THE EDITOR: The problem here in this nation, especially in Trinidad, is that since our independence we have nurtured and developed a society of conmen, thieves, kidnappers, murderers and a general trend towards serious crimes and lawlessness.

Many of those in authority and influence have also joined the bandwagon of criminals, that is why nothing constructive or meaningful has been implemented to stem the flow of all our internal problems. For instance, restoration of the death penalty.

The example set by some senior politicians and individuals of influence and authority here, especially with regard to corruption and lack of fair justice, together with an ineffective police force is leading the way for more citizens to act lawlessly and becoming hardened criminal.

It has become noticeable that even school children are susceptible to becoming criminals, and there is also a trend of well-established policemen either breaking the law or jumping on the criminal wagon.

Many politicians and other individuals of influence and authority are setting bad examples by creating more political and public division especially those who keep playing the racial card.

They have apparently become immune to the situation. They are only interested in feathering their own nest and holding on to present positions.

We need citizens with ambition and honesty to change the pattern of our society and this could only be brought about by introducing a new political party with new blood, ideas and determination to weed out those destructive elements that are leading this nation into further chaos.

Our politicians, despite a worsening situation, continue to do absolutely nothing to advance or improve the living standards or lives of our ordinary citizens.

They are doing nothing to raise the political status of this nation, they are not implementing appropriate measures to stem the flow of criminal tendencies and enhance security to all citizens regardless of color, class or creed.

G.A Marques via email

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Letters to the Editor