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Tuesday 22 October 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Give Yadram, Kallicharan a chance

THE EDITOR: The outstanding performances of Nicholas Pooran in the World Cup should come as no surprise to any serious follower of world cricket.

Unfortunately, he had to wait a long time before he was given an extended run in the team. World batting star batsman A B DeVilliers, as far back as 2017 predicted that Pooran would be a future star in West Indies cricket given the opportunity. One hopes that outstanding talents such as Bhaskar Yadram of Guyana and Kirsten Kallicharan of Trinidad will not be ignored as Pooran was. Neither of these players were selected to the emerging players camp announced recently by West Indies cricket

These two have much to contribute to West Indies cricket-they must be given the same chances as others who are no more talented than they are.

After all aren’t we all West Indians?

TONY BOODHOO, Ontario, Canada

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Letters to the Editor