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Tuesday 22 October 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Don’t be a kunumunu

THE EDITOR: MP Dr Roodal Moonilal's inability to say/write the word "sorry" in order to get himself back to properly representing his constituents in Parliament, is not funny. It is a fresh investment by the Opposition in political coffin nails. One would have thought that there was little room for any more silly mistakes. Dr Moonilal walked down a road where the picong became offensive and absurd. The Privileges Committee is what it is and must be obeyed. What is the point of the Opposition allowing itself to look like, in local parlance, and for want of a better word, a kunumunu?

The whole country knows that allegedly, even if Dr Moonilal may not be 100 per cent sorry for the offensive words expressed (why repeat them in this letter?) he has to toe the line on convention. We are often told that TT should be like Singapore. Read up about Singapore and their rules regarding citizens adherence to political ruling and think yourself grateful to be living in TT.

The Parliament in TT is not to be treated like "low fence". Like it or not, rules must be obeyed.

And the sitting Opposition has hope of returning to power? When? 2020? or is it 2050?

Read my lips potential voters, "image", is everything.


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Letters to the Editor