Not so, Jehovah's Witness

THE EDITOR: I am writing to the authorities of the Jehovah's Witness organisation in Trinidad to lodge a complaint.

Every week your members come around to spread their message. I have no objection to that as we live in a democratic society where, thank God, we have the freedom of religious expression. I do not subscribe to this religious belief and respectfully tell them, "no thank you."

But lately my refusal has been met with insults and verbal abuse. When I am inside the house they call out very loudly the number of my house, shouting "we know you are inside." They are using children to call, so you would come out thinking a child needs help.

When I say "no thank you," they hurl insulting remarks from the streets. They want to know "why?" Up to the morning before I decided to put pen to paper, one Witness shouted at me from the street, that I should not be running from her.

I appeal to the people in charge of this group to please respect the religious beliefs of other citizens of this country, and understand that "no" means just that, "no." If other citizens of this country would like to entertain them that is fine, but please do not force yourselves on those who decline. Your strategies by the way were never used by Jesus.

Ruth Samaroo, Five Rivers


"Not so, Jehovah's Witness"

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