Top Quality, more than a car wash

Staff of Top Quality Auto Spa detail a car at the official launch of the business.
Staff of Top Quality Auto Spa detail a car at the official launch of the business.

Four years ago, two young businessmen came up with a concept to revolutionise the local car-care industry. They knew they needed to change public perception of services offered at the car wash.

They also knew that location was a key element to any business, so their idea was shelved. And they waited.

On June 7, Jevon Maynard and Nicholas Victor were able to realise their dream when they launched Top Quality Auto Spa and Wash at the parking facility of One Woodbrook Place (OWP), Port of Spain.

Boasting of an efficient, one-of-a-kind, car-care service, Maynard, its managing director, boldly predicted that Top Quality is set to be the premier car detailing service in the country, and by extension the Caribbean, within the next three years.

What makes their services all the more interesting is that they assure customers all products are environment-friendly.

Victor, the operations manager, told Business Day Top Quality partnered with US-based Meguiar's Automotive Products and set up their hubs at B1 Basement, OWP within a month. Aaron Forbes, managing director of LubeTech and local authorised agent for Meguiar’s, said he was eager to partner with the duo when he saw their passion and commitment. Meguiar's also handled all of the new company's signage, he added.

“We look for entrepreneurs that are up-and-coming and who want to do something positive for the betterment of themselves and others, so we decided to partner with them. Meguiar’s is the oldest car care company in the world and was started in 1901, and we are happy that our product will be part of the legacy created here today,” said Forbes.

Maynard said he was also confident that their detailing service is "as unique as it gets".

“We intend to provide the highest level of customer service, and we will provide the client with a majestic and personalised service using modern tools and equipment. Our goal is to be second to none in the industry,” he said.

Maynard has always been interested in business, while Victor, too, had tried his hand on his own, several years ago. It was an easy friendship and partnership, said Maynard, as they both share similar ideals.

They had decided long ago that corporate TT was not a viable avenue for them; that they wanted to be their "own bosses and create an environment for encouraging others to do the same".

Aaron Forbes, Managing Director of LubeTech and local authorised agent for Meguiar’s, tries his hands at one of the many services offered at Top Quality Auto Spa.

Maynard said not even the downturn in the economy was a deterrent to the pair, as they felt sure the public would see and appreciate the quality of the services being offered. Customers can drop off their vehicle off at any of the six service hubs, go dine at nearby restaurants, watch a movie or simply relax, while their vehicle is being taken care of.

“The intention behind opening the car wash (was) that families and friends will enjoy spending more time with each other, while not having to worry about getting their vehicle cleaned the next day. Everything will be done, right here, on the spot,” Maynard said.

It's even possible to access janitorial services through Top Quality, since Maynard is also the owner of Crisp Clean/Rug Doctor.

Safety is another element Maynard and Victor paid particular attention to when they drafted their business plan. Maynard said it's why they saw OWP as the ideal location, as it offers customers the safety of the overall environment.

“Our main thing is for customers to come and be able to feel safe, but we wanted to be able to incorporate family type and friendly events in the equation. As you know (at) most of the current car washes you have to go and sit by the side of the road and so on. We do not want that. We want the customers to drop off their vehicles and if there are football or cricket matches going on while you are waiting, we will have live viewings. We really want to please customers and make them more comfortable, even as we provide a quality service,” added Victor.

Some of the services offered at Top Quality Auto Spa include foam wash, hand wash, polish, buffing, coating, detailing, interior deep cleaning and a pickup and delivery system.

Victor, 37, and a father of five, also urged youths to turn away from the lure of criminal activities and instead think up ways to start their own businesses. “I used to run a car wash next to Phase II pan yard and I closed it down, but this has always been my calling. I love my job, and I want other youths to know there is hope. Always believe in yourself. Do not get misled by the wrong crowd. Put down the guns – there are better ways of solving things,” he said, passionately.

Maynard, who is also in his 30s, invited interested youths to visit, with the possibility of employment.


"Top Quality, more than a car wash"

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