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Sunday 15 September 2019
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Letters to the Editor

SEA pupils should be able to read, write

THE EDITOR: Please allow me to respond to Vedavid Manick's opinion that I was too harsh on early childhood education teachers and that parents should bear greater responsibility for their children's education.

I quite agree that the contribution of parents must be the bedrock of good education. Perhaps I was not clear enough in explaining my personal expectations of all primary school teachers. I meant all children should be able to read and write legibly by age eight. It is the responsibility of each early childhood teacher to at least confirm knowledge of this important basic ability. If blind, the child should be able to do braille. If deaf and dumb they should be able to do sign language.

My own lucky life experience included a two parent family, being able to read and write from age four and having story books as birthday and Christmas gifts. It is an obscene thought that children should be sitting down to attempt the SEA exam and not, at least, be able to read and write legibly.

What excuse do you accept from the school regarding 13-year-old children not being able to read and write properly?

Lynette, Diego Martin

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