Customer sues bar owner over Facebook comments

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A BAR owner is being accused of using social media to expose a bad-paying customer’s debt.

Embarrassed by the Facebook post, the customer took legal action against the bar owner for defaming him.

The customer hired an attorney, who sent Bobby Rampersad of N Rampersad Bar, Kanhai Road, Barrackpore, a pre-action protocol letter. It accused Rampersad of posting on Facebook on April 5 that the customer owed him money for rum. Rampersad, he said, should have discussed the matter with him, but instead he posted, “This man (name mentioned) owing me money. He always lying and saying that he not working and his back sick. All I want is my money. You know to drink rum all over and cannot pay.”

The customer through his attorney, is accusing Rampersad of posting his photograph as well, which exposed him to millions of Facebook users. He said several people who read the post branded him in their comments as an alcoholic who could not pay for drinks.

The customer said if there was an issue over his non-payment for alcoholic beverages, Rampersad should have written to him privately.

“Instead, you slandered my name all over Facebook,” the letter said.

The customer
is seeking damages of $150,000 for the distress the posting caused him. He also wants Rampersad to withdraw it from Facebook along with the photo.


"Customer sues bar owner over Facebook comments"

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