Patient wants Scarborough Hospital X-ray machine fixed

Life for 68-year-old Yvonne Alexander is an uphill battle.

This is because the X-ray ma­chine at the Scarborough General Hospital has not been working for some time, so many pa­tients, including Alexander, have been turned away and told to come back at a later date.

An upset Alexander visited Newsday’s Tobago office at Shirvan Plaza, where she explained that for the past month, she has been in and out of the local health centre seeking medical attention for a swollen knee which is making her uncomfortable.

“I noticed the knee swelling so I have visited the Canaan Health Centre on numerous occasions. They have given me medication, two injections and the swelling has gone down, yes, but it is still paining me,” she said.


"Patient wants Scarborough Hospital X-ray machine fixed"

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