Injured cop wants to serve despite health challenges

FOUR years after bandits shot constable Kashyap Lochan as he was responding to reports of a robbery, he is adamant that he wants to rejoin the service so as to protect and serve people.

"It has been a bit challenging and I am still recuperating. Physically I am alright, but a critical illness has come about. I have never reported for duty after the incident, although I have intentions of doing so," Lochan told reporters.

The 26-year-old man received a special award from Snr Supt Zamsheed Mohammed during the Southern Division awards function and dinner on Saturday night at the City Hall auditorium in San Fernando.

He was shot twice on January 2, 2015, when he walked in on three bandits who were robbing Vietnam Bar at New Colonial Road, Barrackpore. At the time, PC Lochan had seven months service with the force.

Lochan, unaware that the bandits were inside, approached the door to the gaming room and was greeted by gunfire. He was shot in his abdomen and left leg. Lochan and his colleagues from the Barrackpore police station returned fire and they managed to scramble back to the police van.

The bandits fled with cash, cell phones, jewellery and other valuables stolen from patrons. Holding his award, Lochan said he cannot work owing to the injuries. The police service, he said, has assisted with some of his medical expenses.

Lochan said he appreciated the gesture especially since the awards were to honour police for their work within 2017/ 2018.

"At least the service recognises the contribution that I made. They are really supposed to award people for 2017/2018. They still acknowledged the contributions made from four and a half years ago, so it is very much appreciated."

Snr Supt Mohammed said many people do not recognise the sacrifices made by police, day in and day out. "Police leave their homes every day not knowing if they will return home. They risk their lives to save people not knowing how the day would end," Mohammed said.

Other awardees on the night included PCs Nicholas Smith, Sheraz Mohammed, Dario Ramlal, Davin Nagessar, Anil Balkaran, Kevin Ali, Alicia Cedeno and Alicia Campbell. PC Jesse Mitchell received an award for most cases brought to court.


"Injured cop wants to serve despite health challenges"

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