Teen on the run after escaping police custody

A 16-year-old Santa Cruz boy is on the run after escaping police custody at the Children's Court, Cipriani Boulevard, Port of Spain, this afternoon.

The teen appeared before Master Paul for a hearing on allegations that he threatened his mother and sisters and an update on his reported drug use.

He was ordered by the court to be taken to the Children's Authority on Wrightson Road for an assessment after which he would be placed in the custody of a group home.

Newsday understands he was placed in a room by himself to wait for transport but the police officer assigned to guard him left the room. It is believed the teen used this opportunity to escape.

Newsday spoke to the boy's mother who said while she was fearful for her own life and the lives of his sisters, she still cares about her son and wants him to come home.

"I left the court at around 2 pm, about an hour later I got a call from the police saying that he escaped. I didn't know what to think again. He has been threatening to kill us, to poison the water in the house, all kinds of things and now they are saying they don't know where he is.

"I'm afraid but not really, I just want him to come home. We could forget about all of this and try to put it behind us."

The woman said the teen has been on a downwards trajectory over the past year after experimenting with drugs.


"Teen on the run after escaping police custody"

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