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Saturday 19 October 2019
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Passport kiosks working

AUTOMATED passport kiosks at Piarco Airport are working. In a statement yesterday, the Airports Authority said all automated passport kiosks in the immigration hall at the airport are “fully functional” and were all operational at Piarco last Sunday. Newsday was informed that the kiosks were not working last Sunday. The non functioning of the kiosks resulted in some of the longest lines in the arrival terminal at the airport and an inconvenice to people returning to TT over the long weekend.

The authority said border control operations continue at the airport as normal. The authority said it continues to work with its stakeholders to support operational efficiency and the enhancement of the customer experience at Piarco and ANR Robinson International Airports. The authority also said border processing of international arriving passengers falls under the direct purview of the Immigration Division.

The kiosks were launched at Piarco last July by then national security minister Edmund Dillon. He said then it was time to change the way passengers came into the country and Government believed this country must simplify and modernise processes, structures and tolls to create value for the public.

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