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Saturday 19 October 2019
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Lara: ‘I’m chilling, going to be all right’

Former West Indies captain Brian Lara. PHOTO BY SUREASH CHOLAI
Former West Indies captain Brian Lara. PHOTO BY SUREASH CHOLAI

WEST Indies batting legend Brian Lara has said he is "fine and recovering" and thanked everyone for their concern after he was admitted to hospital in India with chest pain earlier today.

In fact, he seemed overwhelmed by the concern his fans and friends had expressed.

Lara, who had week-long celebrations in Trinidad for his 50th birthday in May, was taken to the Global Hospital in Parel, Mumbai. From what he said, it appeared he was being kept there until at least tomorrow.

He is in India working for Star Sports during the ICC Cricket World Cup, which is being held in England and Wales.

Speaking on his Soundcloud account, Lara said, "Hi everyone. I know everyone is very concerned about what's happening. I think I maybe extended myself a little bit too much in the gym this morning. I felt a bit of pain in my chest, so I just felt it was best to see a doctor and I was taken to the hospital. The pain continued, so obviously a lot of tests had been done."

Lara, who asked for time to rest, seemed fairly comfortable, as he was watching a World Cup match.

"I am just chilling in my hospital bed watching England versus Australia...I am going to be all right. Just ease off the messages my phone is going non stop. I am going to switch it off, I would not like to switch it off because I would like to speak to my family, but just letting everyone know I am fine and recovering and I will be back in my hotel room tomorrow. Couple of the tests that came back already the doctors were quite happy that there is nothing major."

The record-breaking batsman complained of a lack of privacy after news of his health scare circulated online.

"Thanks again for your concern and speak to you soon and also I am accustom(ed) to breach of privacy but that is how it is, that is how my life is. Speak to everyone soon and I will be back in Trinidad and I will be back in full health very soon."

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