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Wednesday 13 November 2019
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Court hears of fraudulent $4m land sale in Grande

A WOMAN was slapped with a lawsuit which accused her of stealing 490 acres of land in Sangre Grande valued $4 million, but yesterday a High Court judge ordered the police to find the real culprit.

The woman, Beverly King, 49, who makes a living selling scrap iron, was freed of the burden of having to answer how the land ended up in her name by Justice Ronnie Boodoosingh.

King is from Cashew Gardens, Longdenville, Chaguanas, and the true owner of the lands is Errol Nathai, of San Fernando. Yesterday, the judge called on the office of the Commissioner of Police to investigate how King’s' name was used to transfer Nathai’s land.

Boodoosingh further ordered the erroneous deed of transfer expunged from the Registrar General’s office.

The land is divided into three parcels and stretches from Sangre Grande to Mayaro. Nathai sued King, alleging that on doing a title search of the land in 2018, he came upon his forged signature on the three deeds which purported that he had sold the land to King. His attorney Ravi Mungalsingh contacted the attorney Shivanand Dubay, whose forged signature was used on a document which indicated that he prepared the deeds.

Nathai said in his affidavit that the attorney denied he ever did so.

When King was served with the lawsuit, she consulted attorney Subhas Panday, who prepared a defence for her. She said she never visited an attorney to buy the land described in Nathai’s lawsuit. In fact, the first time she learnt of the deed of transfer was when she was served with Nathai’s lawsuit.

Nathai’s affidavit accompanying his lawsuit against her, King said, is totally false and she is not the person referred to in the purported transfer.

King went on to say that she is a scrap metal dealer and often gives her national ID card to purchasers to obtain payments. Contending she was a stranger to the allegations, King said she never paid stamp duty for land and did not know how her name appeared on the deed which showed she sold Nathai’s land.

Boodoosingh upheld Panday’s submission and set aside the deed of conveyance purportedly done by King. The judge also ordered that his order should also be sent to the office of the CoP.The judge did not order King to pay Nathai’s legal costs.

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