US unfair to TT

THE EDITOR: The US is free to say whatever it wants so is the rest of the world. That is life, and people will always voice the way they see things and the way they feel. However, that does not make them correct.

In my personal opinion there are some things you do not waste your time responding to. If you are doing your best in light of the situation keep on keeping on. However, I believe the statements made by the US department concerns human trafficking not the treatment of migrants.

These people received the best care and attention so anyone trying to give us an “F” for this is totally unfair and biased. TT reached out and is still doing so with those 15,000 plus Venezuelans entering our country.

As a matter of fact, many our very own became concerned with what was taking place. On the matter of human trafficking, we still have to do a lot of work there. The criminal elements are giving us a challenge in this area. We need to step up the game and get information and knowledge from those who are having this problem also. It is a learning process and the method to deal with this growing concern in TT will not happen overnight.

The US is also having there issues with human trafficking so they cannot point fingers in the face of anyone. What is important is that we are well aware of this problem. Our leaders need now to bring it to the top of the file and deal with it. If not, things can get seriously out of hand.

Arnold Gopeesingh, San Juan


"US unfair to TT"

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